After posting about hills and wind, I was really hoping I wouldn’t have any reason to write about rain. Wrong!

I came out of the gym today and guess what, it was raining. Big surprise (it’s been raining here a lot lately). I had no choice but to suck it up and ride home in the rain. Well, I generally don’t mind getting wet on the way home. My hair was still wet from my shower, anyway, and I can just peel off wet clothes when I get home & change.

Today’s rain shower gave me a chance to evaluate the Da Brim Rezzo Visor which I had put on my helmet primarily for sun protection. Riding in the rain is tough when your glasses get coated with water and you can’t see, or your unshielded eyeballs get smacked with big raindrops. I am happy to report that Da Brim did a great job of shielding my sunglasses so I could see clearly all the way home.

Two comments about Da Brim. First, there’s no good way to attach my rear view mirror to Da Brim, so I had to attach the mirror to my sunglasses;  in general, I prefer attaching it to the helmet. (This is why I was wearing my sunglasses while it was raining.) Second, a couple days ago Da Brim blew off while I was riding into a wind. After I retrieved it I was able to attach it in a slightly more downward position and I haven’t had any trouble since, not even during yesterday’s windy ride.

I have the big-ass 4″ Brim, about which several cycling friends have already made light-hearted comments. I don’t care! When we’re old and your face is all wrinkly and mine is not, I’ll have the last laugh!


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