Please be aware that, in the cycling world, size XL often corresponds to conventional sizes 10-12….and if you are larger than that, you are out of luck.  That said, I have been able to acquire many pieces of cycling clothing that fit me.  Here are some links to help you out:

Aerotech Designs
This company is located in southwestern Pennsylvania, not far from where I grew up, so I am happy to patronize them.  Aerotech Designs makes some of their plus-size cycling clothing, and sells some pieces from other vendors.  If I need something, I usually check here first.

Team Estrogen
Team Estrogen caters to women, as you might guess from the name.  They carry an assortment of activewear in plus sizes.

Junonia doesn’t have the widest selection of cycling clothing…but they carry a wide selection of SIZES.  And you do not need “cycling” clothing to get the most out of bike riding.  So, take a look.  Their swimsuits are VERY well made & resist chlorine, btw.

Terry makes bikes & clothing for women, and their site includes some plus-size clothing options.  Terry is also well-known for their selection of saddles designed for the female physique.


1 thought on “Clothing

  1. Linda McCracken

    Foxwear ( gets great reviews for custom-sized cycling clothing (including for rubenesque women) at reasonable prices. You send them your measurements as part of your order, or call and talk to them directly about what you want.


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