Monthly Archives: October 2012

Here’s where the rubber meets the road

Guess what! It’s starting to get cold out in the mornings! I had a moment this morning where I considered driving the car to the gym. Then I realized that I’d freeze in the car, anyway, because the gym is only .8 mile away & the car wouldn’t get warm before I arrived. So, I sucked it up & rode my bike.

My spouse has asked how long I’ll keep riding my bike to the gym for my 7am workouts. I don’t know. I’d like to keep cycling as long as the roads aren’t bad. But dang! The first few minutes out in the cold are hard, especially when it wasn’t very long ago that you were snuggled up in your warm bed, asleep even.

Coping with feeling cold has been a challenge for me that past few years. It seemed that after I lost about 50 lbs I started getting cold all the time. Then I learned my thyroid was messed up, which helped further explain some of my coldness. But I *know* when I layer appropriately and get outside & MOVE, I warm up.  Same with sitting around the house (and we keep our thermostat on 60F when we’re home & awake).  Feel cold?  Get up & do something for a minute or two & I’ll feel the difference.

So, I’ll keep on riding in the cold for a while. This is all a grand experiment anyway, isn’t it?