Yesterday evening some of the club bike rides were cancelled (“weather is too uncertain,””stay dry!”). But I kept an eye on the hourly weather forecast and there were no raindrops predicted for our area all evening. And our dear ride leader didn’t cancel.

Five of us went on a twenty-mile jaunt that was punctuated by staunch winds. We ended up taking a route a few of us hadn’t ridden since last year, and it was nice to have a change of scenery. There were a couple hills in the mix, too. As per usual, I was the last to arrive at the top, but I always made it. It always amazes me how much a headwind can slow you down, and the noise of the wind in my ears gets tiring after a while.

On the way back into town we passed the 500 W hill, and I considered asking the group if anybody wanted to join me in another practice run…but I didn’t. I felt that riding into the wind had given me sufficient training for the night.


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