Monthly Archives: May 2014

Getting my cycling mojo back…maybe?


Well, the harsh Midwestern winter seems to have taken its toll on the best of us, and I’ve been ever so slowly getting back into cycling. But I’ve been lazy with my work commute, taking the most direct route and not enjoying the longer route through the nature preserve that I generally take during the summer.

Yesterday I joined our cycling club’s annual new rider call-out, and did the E ride (11-13 mph avg) of about 18 miles. It was nice and slow and I talked to some new folks who were trying out the club. I didn’t feel enthusiastic about it until I got to the starting point and started socializing. Then I felt happy to see folks I hadn’t seen all winter.

On the ride I noticed that I didn’t feel nearly as strong as I have felt in the past. But I also acknowledged that if I just keep riding every day, it won’t be long before I get my mojo back.

So, today I did another 18-mile ride with a friend. We similarly hadn’t seen each other since last summer, so we had a great, chatty ride. Bonuses: we saw a snapping turtle (above), and lots of great blue herons and white egrets.

My plan for the week is to start taking the six-mile ride through the Bog on my commute and just get miles on my body. No worries about speeds or mileage, just getting back to enjoying life on two wheels again.