Monthly Archives: November 2012

Nighttime riding

I had the most interesting ride home from yoga class last night.

I was very relaxed and centered from the yoga.  It was dark out, and quite chilly.

Instead of my usual brisk ride home to stay warm, I rode home very slowly.  I felt the cold. I stayed very centered on my bike.  I felt the power from my legs turning the cranks.  I felt the cold air on my face and in my nose and in my lungs.  I remembered a Nietzsche quote I used to think about during night rides in Pittsburgh, “…for he was an experienced night-walker, and liked to look into the face of all that slept.”

I got home and I hadn’t “harshed my mellow.”  My mellow survived a barrage of questions about yoga from my husband, and multiple meows from the cats.

I think I shall keep cycling to evening yoga classes.