Monthly Archives: June 2014

Still working on 2014’s mojo!

Here it is, the end of June already, and I still have been struggling to find my cycling mojo. It’s amazing the degree to which RAGBRAI–i.e., the fear of being miserable for seven days if I’m not in good enough shape–motivates me some years, LOL. But this year there is no big event to work toward, and I’ve been, well, lazy. Or, unmotivated, perhaps.

But I found enough gumption to put a weekly 7am ride on our club’s calendar, and yesterday was the first. My friend Liss showed up, as I suspected she would–she’s a faithful breakfast rider (along with my spouse). And another couple showed up, folks I’ve met before but don’t know well. We had fun getting to know them better on our 18-mile ride in the beautiful summer morning.

Afterward we had breakfast at our house, just some muffins and poppyseed bread and boiled eggs and coffee. More chatting, and plans for future rides. When folks left, I felt so good, both from the ride as well as from the socializing. As Liss said, it was a great way to start the day.

Now I’m looking forward to more breakfast rides. There is a little bit of mojo happening there.