25 March 2015, Tikhedhunga & Ghorepani, Nepal


This is a typical tea house room

First night in a tea house (Tikhedhunga) was not overly restful. Our room was above the dining room, which was noisy until 9 or 10 pm…then the entire building shook as people climbed the stairs & doors squeaked & banged open & shut.

Woke up after an hour or two of sleep with a sore throat & runny nose. Don’t feel too bad (yet) tho. Amrit just brought me a cup of hot lemon.

Today is a hard day. 1300 meters of climb up stone steps. I will just go slowly, rest when I need to.
Later (Ghorepani). It was the hardest fucking day of my life.

P1010242MILLIONS of irregular stone steps going up, Up, UP. Donkeys being herded down to get supplies–they’ll knock into you if you don’t watch it. Always stand near the wall or bank when you hear donkeys coming, NOT the cliff.

The trek was endless. We climbed & climbed for hours before we got to our lunch spot. Then more hours to get to our tea house. The post-lunch trek *was* better than the morning, but not by much.



Photos cannot do justice to the rugged reality of Nepal’s stone “staircases”

Things I have a hard time fathoming:How people live up here in the mountains & have done so for centuries & probably millenia. There are schools up here, fer crissakes. I feel like I am getting a glimpse into an ancient culture (with wifi).   During today’s downpour I ended up in a hut where a woman had built a small wood fire & was heating water. No electricity in the hut, & there were beds in there was well as the kitchen.
What would it take to clean up Nepal? Pollution, trash everywhere, burning the trash makes more pollution. But approaching lower Ghorepani there was a rubbish bin attached to a tree & there was rubbish in it (& remains of a fire beneath). If Ghorepani can clean up, maybe it’s possible.


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