24 March 2015, Tikhedhunga, Nepal


Apil & Amrit

Trekking Day One
Guide = Amrit
Porter = Apil
~3 hour hike today. We have stopped for lunch and are waiting for food. Trail is mostly dusty, not too steep yet. It is hot but will cool off as we ascend.

Trekking in Nepal is like RAGBRAI–hot as hell & one damn hill after another.


Amrit, Katy, & Apil cross the bridge at Nayapul (“new bridge”), the starting point for Annapurna treks

Later, at Chandra Guest House in Tikhedhunga. Met Michael, taciturn German from Dresden (not so quiet, just can’t speak English; opened up when I started speaking German).

Mary from Canada doing all kinds of volunteer work. She spent a month in Sri Lanka working with handicapped turtles.

I had a little traveler’s diarrhea last night & wondered if my body was a little nervous about the trek. This morning we met Amrit & drove to Nayapul. It took about an hour & a half & I kept hoping the driver wouldn’t stop (i.e., didn’t want to trek to begin).

We enter the Annapurna Conservation Area

We enter the Annapurna Conservation Area

The trail was steep (for me) in many places. My best strategy was just to stop for a minute if my heart was beating hard or I was out of breath–amazing how just a few seconds’ rest helps. I keep thinking about RAGBRAI & how I got stronger every day. I hope & expect that to happen with this trek.

It’s 6:45 p.m. and I am so tired from 3-4 hours of trekking. Tomorrow we have “5-7 hours” on the schedule. I wonder how I’ll feel tomorrow night?

Buff on the trail. Look out for buff patties!

Buff (water buffalo) on the trail. Look out for buff patties!


Approaching the Himalaya


The road ended not far from here. After that, all business must be conducted by foot, donkey, or the occasional helicopter.


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