Sunday, March 22, 2015. Bhaktapur.


Katy and Neppal walk up, up into the old section of Bhaktapur

Okay, Nepal is either UP or DOWN, all the time. There is no flat. I am not in Indiana anymore.

There are feral dogs everywhere. They are mostly street dogs, not pets (altho some people have a pet dog). Not particularly poorly behaved, and not seeking any human attention, either. Food, maybe. I imagine this is how dogs have lived with humans for millenia–alongside but without too much involvement. Some dogs are ill or injured and some simply look ragged and flea-bitten. Andy (of iTrek) said years ago a Dutch GMO successfully lobbied for legislation preventing the killing of these dogs, but did not include any kind of sterilization program. Anyway, learning about the street dogs cleared up questions I had when reading in Lonely Planet that the dogs in Kathmandu barked all night–I doubted pets would be so pervasive.


Bhaktapur Durbar square

Anyway, Nepal thus far:

  • beautiful
  • trash everywhere
  • reminds me of Japan but with far less infrastructure
  • people, dogs, cows, cars, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles comingle on the roads, all seemingly oblivious to the next (and somehow it seems to work)
  • there seems to be construction everywhere
  • lots of tiny solar panels out in the country
  • no cats

This temple was destroyed by the earthquake

Visiting Nepal is yet another opportunity for me to recognize how EASY my life is.  My clean neighborhood.  Abundant utilities (i.e., no electrical outages on a daily basis;  clean running water in my house).  A clean–sterile, even–job with heat/AC.  Expensive (relatively) hobbies like knitting and cycling.  Major appliances. Leisure time.  On & on.


Something cool-looking

Neppal explains something

Neppal explains something


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