RAGBRAI’s over; now what?

I was so lazy this past week. No need to get up at 5am to break down our tent, put our gear on the truck, go in search of a toilet. No need to hit the road at 6am so we could be finished by early afternoon. I slept in, relatively speaking (feline alarm clock didn’t let us sleep too late), and didn’t do any serious riding. What a lovely week. I had some very luxuriously slow and leisurely rides to work that made me very happy. I didn’t do anything that could be considered “training.”

This morning we met up with a group from our cycling club for a ~45 mile ride that included a lunch stop. First off, it was an exquisite, crystalline August morning. Cool, low humidity, blue skies, green and yellow corn fields. What a gift from the universe. Second, the group was small and amiable. And while the group rode at a faster pace than I would’ve chosen if left to my own devices, I was able to keep up just fine. We had two appreciable hills, and I was slow. But I got up them without walking.

After lunch we split into two groups, and the faster group of four took off. My spouse and the ride leader and I were the laggards, but we still kept up a nice 15-16 mph pace. It felt good to go a little faster, to be challenged a bit.

Fall is coming. Days are getting shorter. It will become harder to do before-work early morning rides and long after-work rides. Now is a good time to savor the time, and excellent weather, for nice long rides with friends.


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