A short day turns long

RAGBRAI Day #3. Short: 50 miles! Cool weather, courtesy of last night’s cold front moving in! Easy, breezy!

The first half of the day did feel easy & breezy & fun. A hill or two, lots of flats, a little sun that became cool & overcast. And several pass-through towns were close together and we took little breaks to eat and use the KYBO. But somewhere along the line I started to feel tired. I think it was yesterday kicking in. My hands hurt, my butt felt tired of the saddle, and I kept thinking about taking a nap. One long stretch of road was hard concrete with a bump every ten feet. Very tiring. Oh, and the head winds!

We had a nice stop in Valley Junction, IA where we ate lunch before our final five mile ride to Des Moines. The plan was to stay with Rory, a Spoke Folk member who offered his yard & house for our use. Rory’s house was a couple miles farther than the end of the day’s route, with a huge honkin’ hill right at the end. Hill? The nerve of someone to buy a house at the top of a hill, and then open his house to cyclists! I had top stop halfway up that %$#@! hill and rest for a moment, but I refused to walk it.

Well, Rory lives in the cutest house you ever saw. It’s spacious & comfortable & seems to have endless hot water for dirty cyclists in need of washing. I took a lovely nap in our tent, which is set up on the front lawn, took a shower, and now Rory is cooking up a ton of burgers & brats for the gang. I believe I saw some potatoes baking in the oven, too. It’s such a reprieve to not have to go into town in search of food, especially after a tiring day.

P.S. I will add pictures to these posts after I get home & can merge content from the iPad, iPhone, and camera.


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