Guess what? Not so worried anymore.

My spouse & I hit the road for RAGBRAI day after tomorrow.  I’m well over half-packed.  I’ve been doing 20 mile training rides a few mornings a week, and commuting a few miles to work.  I haven’t been training hard.  But DH insists I’m in much stronger than I was two years ago for our first RAGBRAI together.  I’m not sure I agree with him, but I think I’m in fine shape to do a nice, easy treatment of RAGBRAI.  I’ll go as slowly as I need to, or as fast as I want to.  I’m going to relax going up hills, and bust ass on the straightaways, just for the fun of it.  I’ll enjoy the scenery & the quaint little towns we pass through each day.  And I’ll only eat pie if I’m damn sure it’s homemade.  *** I scrutinize pie. ***

I wish I could finagle taking technology and blogging from RAGBRAI, but I probably won’t.  I’ll take notes in a cub reporter’s note pad & write it all up when I get home.


4 thoughts on “Guess what? Not so worried anymore.

    1. Iris Murasaki Post author

      Thanks, all! RAGBRAI day #0 here & thus far all has gone incredibly smoothly. There are even rumors of cooler temps! Now it’s time to get on the converted city bus for our schlep to Council Bluffs. Bye!


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