Just one of those gorgeously perfect days

We had been having hot & humid weather, and rain. Yuck. I’ve been dreading a RAGBRAI with such weather all week. But after a big storm mid-week, the humidity blew away and the temperature dropped, giving us a few days of gorgeous, warm, not-too-humid summer weather. In short: perfect!

Today I walk-jogged a 5K. Again, I am NOT a runner. And I don’t aspire to be a runner. But it’s fun to do a 5K with a friend…even if you *are* the past person to finish! And of course that’s what happened today. I took advantage of every stretch of shade to jog, and sunny patches for walking and resting.

So then I did a 29-mile bike ride. No problem, right? Right! Except I learned that jogging tires my legs out in ways that cycling does not. So I didn’t realize I was starting out the bike ride tired. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful, beautiful day to ride around out in the country! And here in Indiana, you can easily map routes that have no shade whatsoever, but today’s ride leader chose a route that had frequent patches of shade. Thank you! Lovely!

Note to self:  look up poems about shade.  I’m sure there are many!


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