When I’m too tired to eat…

…you know I’m REALLY tired. I rode my bike 78 miles yesterday, and after we got home I made beautiful salads with Swiss chard, and beets, and fresh peas, and goat cheese. And I was too tired to eat more than half the salad. I just had to lie down, and I never really got up again until this morning.

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, so my spouse & I took advantage of the holiday to do our longest ride of the year thus far. We pedaled about sixteen miles to a meeting place, where three friends parked their cars. From there we rode 20 miles farther, to a little town called Wolcott, IN where the 45th annual Wolcott Festival was in full swing.

We spent a couple hours there. We got festival food, and chatted with folks in the pavilion about cycling. We walked around and looked at the car show, then I bought a neck band that has magic water-retaining crystals in it, for keeping cool. Then we took a tour of the historic Wolcott house. One of our cycling companions already knew all about the house. In general he’s a great guy to slow ride with, because he knows about all sorts of things. I love cycling + learning!

The 20 miles back to our friends’ parking spot was pretty windy, so it went more slowly than I’d have liked. One friend repeatedly offered to give us a ride home from the cars. I admit I was getting a little tired…but in a couple weeks we’ll be doing RAGBRAI, and then I won’t have a choice. I’ll have to soldier on, tired or no.

So, spouse & I got off the bike for a few minutes, shared a granola bar, and filled our water bottles. We took off on a different route home, and it turned out to be a little longer than our ride out. It was pretty level, and the scenery was really pleasant.

Close to home I broke a spoke. I heard a loud crack, and I thought a rock had bounced up & hit my frame. A few minutes later I noticed my bike was jerking as I coasted, so we stopped & found the problem. We taped the broken spoke down with a Band-Aid, and I rode home without a rear brake since the rear wheel was wobbly. I’ll take it down to the shop today to remedy that.

Anyway, our total mileage was 78. Our longest RAGBRAI day will be 83 miles, with hills. I can’t deny I’m a little worried about that day. I need to quit thinking about it! The best strategy will be to patiently ride each hill that day as a meditation, and not worry about distance or what time it is until somebody tells me to stop.  Also, that’s only five more miles than yesterday, and, you know, you can ALWAYS go five more miles.

Today: no bike ride planned, even tho on RAGBRAI we’d already have an hour in. I have to work today. And rest.


7 thoughts on “When I’m too tired to eat…

  1. annesquared

    Reblogged this on Anne Squared and commented:
    Iris is on the mark – and ready for RAGBRAI!! She has been training, and has quite a story to tell. She is an inspiration to me, to many!
    She offers some great information… please take a look at her blog!

    1. Iris Murasaki Post author

      We’ll be camping with the Ottumwa cycling club, Spoke Folk. “Lodging” sounds nice…but last time I slept soundly almost every night. Nothing like physical exhaustion to make you sleep well!

      1. annesquared

        I’m amazed at the number of people who “lodge.” When I was working a research project several years ago, and had my son with me, we drove almost 90 miles each night from the overnight towns for motels – not much to choose from in some spots. The other researcher was riding.
        I can combine this trip – hopefully see some riders – with some professorial meetings (my mentors) and some time in the library stacks. 🙂

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