On running

Note to the world: I am not a runner. And I have no designs on becoming a runner.

However, a month ago on a Wednesday my spouse wanted to run a 5k “fun run” after our local farmers market. I said, what the heck, I can easily walk 5K; I’ll walk it and maybe intersperse a little slow jogging. It took me 48 minutes to finish.

This past Wednesday, having done virtually no other jogging or even any exercise walking in the previous four weeks, I shaved three minutes off my time. (All my time has been devoted to putting in cycling hours.)

Now I wonder what my time might be if I actually *tried* to do better. So spouse & I went out & bought new running shoes today. He also signed up for an autumn half-mari. I’ll cheer him on but am not interested in running it.  I’ll try to put in some HIIT sessions on the treadmill, which should help with both my RAGBRAI and 5K training.

As I said, I have no designs on becoming a runner. But I like the idea of being fit enough to spend more of my 5K time jogging instead of walking.


3 thoughts on “On running

  1. G.E.

    I can completely relate to this idea of not wanting to be a runner. That said, one of the items on my bucket list was always to complete a marathon. Several years ago, I let a friend talk me into doing one, and I have to say, I honestly cannot see myself ever wanting to do one again. It was painful and not at all fun, and despite the warnings of others that I “would be addicted and have to do more,” I have had no desire whatsoever. That was the end of 2005 and I didn’t run again after that day. It was slow and not at all what so many actual runners can do, so I saw no real purpose in continuing down that road.

    A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to run after not running for so many years. I do other things, but haven’t walked (well, I walk, but not for exercise purposes) or jogged (I couldn’t really call what I do “running”) in over 7 years. I assumed I’d have to go back to my original training plan which had been to walk 30 seconds and then run for 30 seconds until I completed the time or distance. To my surprise, I actually ran the entire time (again, I use the word run very loosely as I run at most people’s walking pace), and have continued to incorporate it into my training again. I don’t do it often (I have a bad knee and an injury to the opposite heel, so it’s a little challenging), but a couple of short runs a week has actually been kind of cool to do again. It’s nice to realize that I’m strong and capable, even if I don’t always think I am.

    The jogging has also seemed to help me on the bike. While each exercise does use different muscles, I think the jogging is actually giving me strength to get up hills that I wouldn’t have wanted to climb prior. I’m not really sure what my point is in all of this, other than to say that I can identify with not wanting to be a runner (I know I will never be one myself), but it is a really great thing to throw in intermittently as a cross-training exercise… and honestly, nothing seems to make me sweat like running does… well, except for maybe long, really steep climbs on the bike. :O)

    1. Iris Murasaki Post author

      Oh, you ran a marathon! Crazy! I did walk a half mari once, with practically no training, LOL. Yes, I am crazy. And yes, I am interested in trying a little jogging, especially if it helps me with my cycling. And also because it is good for my bones in a way that cycling simply isn’t (and I’m 47 and have to think about my bones).

      1. G.E.

        Yes, it was unpleasant! I can’t imagine doing a half without any training. I applaud your enthusiasm/bravery to take on such a challenge. :O)

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