A 56-mile day yesterday

My total mileage yesterday was 56. It was broken down into a 19-mile road ride with one friend at 6:45 a.m. Then a six-mile ride to work and about three miles home. Then a 28-mile club ride in the evening with DH and another friend. I was pleasantly surprised that my legs (and body) weren’t too tired for the evening ride, especially on top of the previous day’s ride plus a 5K walk-jog.

56 miles is an average distance for this year’s RAGBRAI. So, I’m a month out and I can easily do an average distance.

Also, I mentioned my fears about Day #2 of RAGBRAI (LONG and hilly) and my dear spouse pointed out that the second day of RAGBRAI 2011 (which we did) had 4700 feet of climb, even more than the 4200 feet I have been obsessing about. Note to self: See, I’ve done that before! I can do it again!

We don’t have a lot of hills around here, but I felt that I climbed a few pretty well yesterday. A Rubenesque cyclist tends to be fast on the descents and slow on the ascents, but DH validated my climbing technique last night, and I appreciated his comments, breathless tho I was.  My biggest obstacle is the argument going on inside my head about if and when I should decide to walk to rest of a given hill;  after the first time I walked a hill, walking became a possibility for ANY hill.  I wish I could un-learn this, LOL.

I guess I have turned the corner from anxiety to feeling pleased with my progress over just the past week, and hopeful about the four weeks left for training before we head for Iowa.

Today I’m planning on having a restful day, and two-hour club ride at 4:30 p.m., and more road rides over the weekend.


2 thoughts on “A 56-mile day yesterday

    1. Iris Murasaki Post author

      Yes, all it took was a little fear, LOL! And the fact that I want to *enjoy* RAGBRAI this year, instead of simply survive each day. Granted, as soon as 2011 was over I had a ton of wonderful memories. But I definitely had moments where I thought, “Is this fun??”


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