A little less anxiety

My current training objective is to simply ride every day. Now, I already ride to work every day, but I’m trying to add on extra road rides on top of my commuting. So, I commuted about 15 miles Monday, 8 miles Tuesday, then did a 27-mile road ride Tuesday evening & a 20-mile ride Wednesday morning. Now I’m about to head out the door to work, and have a Thursday evening road ride planned. And Sunday morning. (Might skip the Saturday 8:30am ride b/c my in-laws will be here.)

I learned during RAGBRAI 2011 that your body catches on pretty quickly that daily riding is the drill, and adapts accordingly. It’s quite amazing, actually. So, I decided to let body figure that out BEFORE the big ride starts! After another week or two of nearly daily rides, I’ll start lengthening them. The longest day of RAGBRAI is 83 miles, with 4,239 feet of climb. I.e., Long, AND hilly. The other days are in the low 50’s, with 63 miles the last day.

I feel good. Last night my legs felt a bit tired, but I was riding with pace-compatible friends. After another week or two, my legs’ll be able to ride all day.

Now my anxiety has shifted to the weather, and fears that it’ll pour rain all week during RAGBRAI.


2 thoughts on “A little less anxiety

  1. Iwannahave fun- donna

    I’m so glad you are blogging, I love to bike ride and you are very encouraging, I got a new bike in March, weather in MI has not been kind. I hope to go on a ride this weekend. Thanks to you, I have a bike that was fitted and does not hurt!
    Thanks Iris- I may never be the cyclist you are but I will enjoy my bike riding this summer!


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