More on euphoria

I read with interest Mark Sisson’s recent post about intermittent euphoria on Mark’s Daily Apple.  This paragraph, in particular, resonates with me, especially in light of my post “Doctor, Should I Be Concerned?”:

“Then there [are] the effects euphoric experiences can have on the big picture of our lives. IE has the power to psychologically fortify us. As research confirms, it builds our personal resilience. We create a reserve of joy, of rejuvenation, of perspective with which to bounce back from adversity. True euphoria doesn’t simply up the ante for future thrills: it sharpens our whole perception and perhaps appreciation of experience. When we let it, IE can sensitize us to the wonders – both joyful and fearsome – in our daily existence. It can also inspire us to offer more energy, creativity, and novelty to our relationships. Having expanded our personal dimensions, we bring more vigor and vitality to life.”

Lately I have been sensing that riding a bike is becoming more and more infused into how I do things on a daily basis, and becoming more of who I am. And I have connected this with the fact that I experience moments of euphoria while I’m riding–it’s positive reinforcement.  So, Mark’s post made a lot of sense to me, and validates what I see happening in my life.


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